758 NE, 40th Court

Oakland Park, FL. 33334

Phone (954) 249-3159


We offer a large variety of cold and hot appetizers


Roast Beef with Guacamole

Smoked Salmon Tray

Smoked Salmon Canapés

Smoked Salmon Rolled

Turkey, Cranberry Canapés

Ham and Cheese Canapés

Goat Cheese, Roasted Peppers Canapés

Bruschetta with Polenta Canapés

Crab Salad Canapés

Gaspacho Shots

Smoked Trout Canapé

Cheese Puffs

Cucumber Ceviche

Plantain Cups Ceviche

Ahi Tuna Canapés

Shrimp BLT

Shrimp with Cocktail or Pink Sauce                

Prunes Stuffed with Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese

Roasted Potatoes with Cream and Lump

Mushrooms Antipasto

Zucchinis, Peppers Antipasto 

Tomato Stuffed with Crab or Shrimp

Tomato Stuffed with Smoked Chicken or Turkey

Pate Tray with Crackers          

Three Cheese Tray

Curry Chicken Salad Quiche

Shrimp Salad Quiche

Quail Eggs with pink sauce

Ham and Cheese Layer Long Sandwich

Mini Ham and Cheese Layer Sandwich

Tuna, Anchovies, Cheese Layer Long Sandwich

Mini Tuna, Anchovies, Cheese Layer Sandwiches

Assorted Sandwiches


White Cheese Finger (tequenos)

Beef or Cheese or Chicken Corn Turnover

Beef, Cheese or Chicken Turnover

Meat Balls

Beef Tenderloin Medallion w/ Bacon and Tartar Sauce

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Beef Sliders

Crab Cake Sliders

Chicken Fingers

Chicken Satay

Egg Rolls

Vol-Au-Vent filled with Shrimp or Lobster

Vol-Au-Vent filled with Escargots

Crab Cakes with Dijon Sauce

Mushroom with Crab Meat

Beef Wellington

Chicken Wellington

Asparagus with Wanton          

Cranberry Camembert Cheese in Puff Pastry Dough

Frank in a Blanket with Mustard Sauce

Cocktail Frank with Pink Sauce

Coconut Shrimp with Pineapple Sauce

Mushrooms Provencal

Asparagus, Mushrooms, or Artichoke Dip

Cheese and Bacon Quiche

Cheese Spinach Quiche

Asparagus, Mushrooms, or Artichoke Quiche

Chicken Quiche

Shrimp Quiche

Scallops Quiche

Quesadilla (Chicken or Cheese)


Scallops Wrapped in Bacon